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At DSPolymodels we can make anything, in any size, in a variety of materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane foam/ modeling boards etc.

We are able to scan in fine detail any object you require, for example a toy car, and manufacture it in full size by transferring the scanned data into a cutter program to our milling machines which are able to cut very fine detail on very large objects.

Our portfolio includes the manufacture of a 12m long dinosaur for display in a museum. This was manufactured in polystyrene, resin coated and painted. We have also made prototype boat hulls for the Ministry of Defense, luxury baths, nightclub furniture and sculptures for casting purposes.

Polystyrene models can be used in a variety of ways such as advertising, film theatre and television, artistic displays or exhibitions, and for prototypes of all kinds. With our expertise we are able to discuss with you the best materials and process to suit your individual needs in a cost effective way.

Contact Drew Simmons Polymodels on 44 (0) 1375 678390 or
email admin@drewsimmspatts.com for more details

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